Eat “keto” with understanding. Lose weight and be healthy.

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doctors suggest understanding the guidelines “Eat fat to lose weight in the keto way” knowing both the good and the side effects. Emphasize weight loss for disease treatment and long-term health care with a balanced, varied and moderate diet.

Losing weight is not only about taking care of your body and beauty. but also a matter of treating disease and taking care of health as well. Most of them will focus on eating foods such as vegetables, fish and avoiding the consumption of fat. But there is another way to lose weight called “keto eating” that is against the trend, giving “fat” to be the protagonist in every meal.

What is the keto diet?

Keto comes from the word “ketogenic diet” (Ketogenic diet), which is to reduce starchy and sugary foods. And weight on the consumption of “fat” and protein. 

Asst. Prof. (Special), M.D. Patchaya explains the principle of losing weight by eating keto that “Carbohydrate foods such as flour and rice are digested into sugars for the body’s main energy. But when we cut down on carbs The body will turn to burn the accumulated fat instead, becoming “Ketone Bodies” which is the origin of the name keto.” the UFABET report

how to eat keto effective weight loss

The keto diet focuses primarily on eating fat and protein. and reduce the proportion of eating carbohydrate foods such as starchy foods rice and sugar To only 5% or just 20-50 grams per day or almost no carbohydrate foods in the meal at all To achieve ketosis (Ketosis) or a condition in which the body uses energy from body fat as the main energy source.

Asst. Prof. (Special), M.D. Patchaya said eating fat and protein foods contributing to feeling full for a long time And ketone bodies also help reduce appetite. cause to limit the amount of calories eaten which is an important part in reducing body weight