Ketogenic Diet “Ketogenic” eat fat to lose fat!!

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What is a weight loss called “Keto”?

As for the keto diet as we know it, its real name is the Ketogenic Diet . And causing the body to break down fat, that is, we eat foods that are low in rice, flour, sugar, or carbohydrates. The body will feel that right now we have no sugar. The body will feel as if we are starving. He is going to break up the fat in the body. then produces a substance Which occurs from the breakdown of fat, called ketones (Ketone), so he called these foods the Ketogenic Diet. eat food then the body recognizes that like we didn’t eat and to break down body fat

Why does eating fat make you lose weight?

Eating fatty foods is energy for the body. But the principle is

  • First , as soon as we eat right away The body has to break down fat. Because the body feels as if it does not eat.
  • Second , when fat is dissolved what happened is The body will also lose water while fat is dissolving, so at first, the weight will be reduced a lot due to the loss of water.
  • Number three , when we don’t eat these And then there’s a waste called ketones that happens. It will make us lose our appetite, so actually when we eat a diet called Ketogenic, it doesn’t need to count calories. But after eating, the patient will eat less. with anorexia

Will the weight still go down in the long run?

The Ketogenic Diet is effective in terms of weight loss. Compared to we eat low-fat food or general food. It’s actually better, but the most noticeable results are usually short-term. short term according to research Generally within the first 6 months it is better than eating other foods, but long term it is largely no different. Part of the reason is because we can’t tolerate eating like this forever. the UFABET report

Is long-term eating harmful?

I must say that it is not completely eaten. Because we ate some we don’t eat something Eat some of what is. Eat fat. Eat protein. Do not eat vegetables that are tubers. Can only eat leafy vegetables, do not eat fruits, do not eat rice, flour, sugar, all kinds of sugary drinks, so our nutrients are definitely not complete. If we are going to eat long term The missing nutrients must be supplemented. Add vitamins and minerals meanwhile What you need to know is Whenever we eat rice, flour, sugar, the weight will come back quickly. or what we call yoyo

How long can I use this method? Who can eat “Keto” and shouldn’t eat?

If it’s a personal feeling or some groups that are eating can eat together for a long time But if the information contained in the research Most stay about 2 years.

Who is the person who definitely forbids eating? If we don’t eat rice, flour, and sugar, then we will use fat as the main source of energy. Having said that, the liver is the one that turns fat into energy.

  • If that person’s liver is not good, this is definitely trouble, so do not use in patients with liver disease.
  • The second group is about the kidneys, because if someone with kidney failure This group will eat quite a lot of protein. It may be a problem as well.
  • The third group, people who have problems with burning fat. This one will have problems using the ketogenic diet. How do you know? hereditary But if you don’t really know anyone who has very high blood cholesterol and very high blood triglycerides, this is not recommended at all. Another disadvantage for this group is that Must use relatively high fat, so people who have problems with intestinal peristalsis, flatulence easily, have acid reflux, this must be careful. because it may cause a relapse