Barca confirm Inigo Martinez has injured his hamstring muscle.

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Barcelona defender Inigo Martinez, the 32 year old will have to rest his body for the rest of the year to recover.

Barcelona have revealed the results of tests on Inigo Martinez confirming that. The player has a hamstring injury and that the 32-year-old defender will likely have to recover for the rest of the year. According to Barcelona. Report from ‘Diario Sport’ last Monday  ทางเข้า UFABET

Inigo felt unwell during the warm-up before the game against Atletico Madrid before Xavi Hernandez decided to start Andreas Christensen in his place. Meanwhile, the 32-year-old defender was named as a reserve and did not take part in the 1-0 Atletico win. 

According to reports, Barcelona carried out tests and physical examinations on Inigo on Monday. The Azulgrana confirmed the 32-year-old defender has a hamstring injury in his right leg and is unlikely to return for the rest of the year. 

‘Tests revealed that Inigo Martinez has a muscle injury to his right hamstring. He must rest and his recovery will determine his availability,’ a Barca statement said.

According to additional reports from Deerio Sport,. Inigo is likely to recover and be available to play again in early 2024. This means the 32-year-old defender will miss games against Girona, Antwerp Torp, Valencia and Almeria before Christmas break.