David Moyes slammed referees for stripping the team’s equalizer.

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West Ham boss David Moyes slammed referees for stripping the team’s equalizer. As the team’s match at Stamford Bridge ended in a 2-1 defeat in the English Premier League on Saturday night.

         Mikhail Antonio opened the scoring to give the visitors the lead. But the Blues came in for two straight goals from Ben Chilwell and Kai Havertz until the end of the game. The Hammers ball into the bottom of the net from Maxwell Gornet. Which the referee Andy Madley blew into the goal. But there is a signal from the VAR room. Finally, after checking back. It was said that Jarrod Bowen had fouled Eduard Mendy. Causing much dissatisfaction with David Moyes.

         “You have already seen It was a shameful decision. Sucks from one of the top judges It doesn’t say much about whoever sent him from VAR either. It was an unbelievable decision for us.” Moyes told the Evening Standard. UFABET

         “We felt we came back 2-2 and it wasn’t based on what we did. I support VAR I think the goalkeeper lunged. He pretended to be hurt because he couldn’t reach the ball. He did it on the first goal as well. The referee was unbelievably wrong.”

         “I was amazed that the VAR room signaled the referee to look. But I quickly looked back at myself. Even though he’s on the screen There is no way to change the verdict. It’s a really ridiculous judgement.”

         “Today I questioned enough VAR with the referee, the referee should stick to his own judgment and be big enough to live with it. I lost faith in them after today. And I lost faith in the people who used VAR. I can’t see how it’s not a goal.”