FIFA will not be sold of alcohol in World Cup stadiums

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FIFA has announced that the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar. Alcohol will not be sold in the stadium. Drinks are still allowed in the football stadium before and after the game.

         Authorities around the world have provide the first details on beer sales. After delicate talks over the past months with authorities in the conservative Muslim Gulf state.

         The issue is important to FIFA as brewer Budweiser has been a major sponsor for more than three decades. As fans question what will happen at the Qatar World Cup. UFABET It is estimated that there will be more than 1 million football fans in the country.

         Although FIFA did not confirm it, the spokesperson emphasized that those who wish to enjoy alcohol respect the local culture.

         In an FAP statement, a spokesman said ticket holders would have access to beer inside the stadium before the game and after the final whistle. Meanwhile only Budweiser’s non-alcoholic beers and soft drinks are available inside the stadium.

         Coca-Cola, another of the latter’s sponsors, will have exclusive rights to sell non-alcoholic beverages in all eight stadiums for the first World Cup in a Muslim country.

Recently, FIFA has confirmed that Alcohol will not be sold on the football stadium. It will be sold only before and after the game. in the fan zone or the designated area only It is strictly forbidden to bring such alcoholic beverages into the football field.