Martinez delighted in helping Villa win points.

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Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has revealed. He is happy with the team’s performance and personally. Especially the goal defense that helped the club get one point from Manchester City.

Singha opened the home to equalize Manchester City 1-1 in the Premier League on Saturday past. Ready to stop the record of 3 consecutive league defeats. With Villa now collecting 4 points from 6 games.

After the match at Villa Park. The Argentinian goalkeeper told Sky Sports. That everyone in the squad was committed to the latest game and satisfied to have one point to dominate. UFABET 

“During the week we had a discussion of shared responsibilities every player on the pitch. Or in the starting XI had to give an additional 1 per cent to get a result. It was not easy to be behind immediately after the start of the second half. But the personality of the team made us bounce back and have more chances to score goals.

“Sometimes you don’t do anything for 45 minutes. But my job is to help the team stay in the game and use their strength, Leon (Baley) scores good goals and all the defences pay off.

“When we were in a bad period. I was the first to be blame. Usually I try to help the team and of course I got upset after the Arsenal game. But today I am happy to be credited with defending the goal.” Martinez said.