Nagelsmann gritted his teeth one point satisfied.

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Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann said. He was satisfied with one point from the latest game considering the football game appearances or elements.

Bayern’s 1-1 draw with Union Berlin in the Bundesliga on Saturday leaves Bayern without a win in their last two league games. With the reigning champions now collecting 11 points from a draw. Played 5 matches

“According to the page It’s always a good result. We didn’t create as many chances as we did in the game. Monchengladbach.” Nagelsmann the 35-year-old said UFABET

“We almost took the lead. especially in the second half But it’s unfortunate. Our energy is not at the same level as the last game. But that happened.

“Union defended with all his might. In the first half we had two chances to inform. In the second half we had two great chances. which we cannot get Both teams deserve something out of the game. Even though we are a better team

“We have to accept one point.”

Nagelsmann’s reins It started with the role of Tomas Tuchel’s assistant coach (another new wave of German coaches) in the Augsburg team. Then moved to become an assistant coach at the Hoffenheim club. Hoffenheim’s performance in the Under-19s in the 2013-14 season went on to win the Under-19 League. causing him to be dubbed “Mini – Mourinho” from Tim Wise, former Germany national team outpost.