Pioli thumbs up for AC Milan attitude.

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AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli has praised his players following their win over Inter, especially their ideas and enthusiasm for winning the last football game.

The Red Devils opened home to a fun 3-2 win over Inter Milan in the Serie A derby on Saturday, with the Rossoneri now collecting 11 points from five games.

After the game at the San Siro, Pioli said with a smile that he was very satisfied with the victory over his rivals. And most importantly, the team performs well and shows their full intentions UFABET.

“Obviously, this is a competitive and fruitful game, head-to-head comes in. There is always an enemy. There are many reasons our opponents want to prove they are superior.” Pioli AC Milan coach told DAZN.

“I am very satisfied with the attitude of the team. We dominated the game for 70 minutes. But as we eased the game a bit. We started to face a lot of risks in the game.

“These players continue to amaze me with their desire, energy, talent and desire to learn. I am a truly happy coach.”

“I think Inter expect us to squeeze a bit higher. But we surprise them. I knew they would use two very nimble strikers against us. So we chose to stand a little lower. But it adds energy and aggression to his tackle.” he said.