Yamal aims to win Golden Boy award in future.

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Barcelona‘s 16-year-old forward Lamine Yamal still has plenty of time to chase the Golden Boy award, one of his personal achievements.

Barcelona forward Lamine Yamal, the 16 year old is targeting a future Golden Boy award after winning The Youngest award at the awards ceremony. According to a report from Tuttosport last Monday UFABET

Barca players have won the Golden Boy award two years previously, with Pedro Gonzalez, López Pedri and Pablo Martin, Paez, Cabira and Gabi in the past two years. The award went to Real Madrid’s England midfielder Jude Bellingham, but Yamal is targeting the award in the future as he still has many years to fight for it.

‘I want to win the Golden Boy award sooner or later, I promise,’ said the 16-year-old forward. 

Yamal also spoke about his idol, who is none other than Lionel Messi, the legendary player of Azul Grana. ‘Messi is my idol. I don’t have anyone. Something else He gave me a passion.’

The 16-year-old forward has worked his way up from the La Masia training center to the first team. So it is no surprise that Yamal calls Barcelona his only home. ‘Barcelona is my home, I’ve always been a Barcelona fan. It’s the only team for me.’